• Joseph Burey

The Logical Species

The monkeys make us laugh,

Let’s take them from the trees!

And let’s put the whales in a pool,

Despite them knowing only the sea.

We must cut down the trees;

Never mind if it causes pollution!

But now it’s harder to breathe.

We’ll cut down more to find a solution.

We looked for more trees

But they could not be found.

We missed our chance to take the rest

Because of the poison air from the town.

Let’s venture out to sea.

We’ll see all the marvelous creatures!

But since the last ship spilled oil,

The animals washed up on beaches.

Let’s look for something else

Since the animals are not around!

So we dove to see the reefs,

But the oil had turned them brown.

We need more food,

So we need deadly chemicals.

They’ll wipe out all the pests.

Us too, but at least it's ethical.

So many things,

And these things turned to litter.

We see plastic snare the fish

And only now do we become bitter.

The monkeys made us laugh,

But there are no more in the trees.

And the whales that were so special?

There are no more in the seas.