• Joseph Burey

Selected Internal Rhymes from Madvillainy

Meat Grinder

Tripping off the beat kinda, dripping off the meat grinder / Heat niner, pimping, stripping, soft sweet minor / China was a neat signer, trouble with the script / Digits double dipped, bubble lipped, subtle lisp midget

At the gates of heaven knocking no answer, / slow dancer, hopeless romancer, dopest flow stanzas

Just say Ho! I'll test the yayo / Wild West style fest, y'all best to lay low / Hey bro, Day Glo, set the bet, pay dough / Before the chedda get away, best to get Maaco

Hackthoo'ing songs lit, in the booth, with the best host / Doing bong hits, on the roof, in the west coast

The van screeches / The old man preaches about the gold sand beaches / The cold hand reaches for the old tan Ellesse's / Jesus


Hands so fast he can out-spin the Flash / Known to smoke a whole mountain of hash to the ash / Boom-bash leave the room with the stash / Assume it's in a smash, DOOM get the cash

Money Folder

Pan it, can't understand it, ban it / The underhanded ranted, planned it and left 'em stranded / The best, any who profess will be remanded / Yes sir, request permission to be candid? Granted / I don't think we can handle a style so rancid / They flipped it like Madlib, did an old jazz standard


The rest is empty with no brain but the clever nerd / The best emcee with no chain you’ve ever heard

It's too hot to handle, you got blue sandals / Who shot ya? Ooh got ya new spots to vandal? / Do not stand still, boast yo' skills / Close but no krills, toast for po' nils, post no bills / Coast to coast Joe Shmoe's flows ill, go chill / Not supposed to overdose No-Doz pills / Off pride tykes talk wide through scar meat Off sides like how Worf rides with Starfleet

Great Day

Looky here, it's just the way the cookie tear / Prepare to get hurt and mangled like Kurt Angle rookie year

· Kurt angle had an amazing rookie year in the WWE

Mad plays the bass like the race card / Villain on the case to break shards and leave her face scarred

I kid you not, on the dotted line signed / Ever since a minor, kids considered him some kind of Einstein / On a diamond mine grind, she was dumb fine / But not quite the type that you might want to wine and dine

Rhinestone Cowboy

Hold a cold one like he hold a old gun / Like he hold the microphone and stole the show for fun / Or a foe for ransom, flows is handsome / O's in tandem, anthem, random tantrum

Goony goo goo, loony cuckoo / Like Gary Gnu off New Zoo Revue, but who knew / The mask had a loose screw? Hell, could hardly tell / Had to tighten it up like the Drells and Archie Bell

You’re blind, in the wine zone, leave your mind blown when he shine with the nine, he’s a rhinestone . . . cowboy