• Joseph Burey

Mind's Grave

I've seen them fail with more,

You'll never see it through.

But I’ve seen it done with less,

Surely I can do it too.

Everything's gone bad,

Life has dealt the final blow.

But perhaps nothing's that way

Unless you think it to be so.

You've reached your lowest point

You ran into a dead end.

But no journey is without a valley,

Or a road without a bend.

The trauma took its toll,

Look how it broke you down.

But I rose from those depths,

Now nothing can make me drown.

Anxiety cripples your mind,

One day you'll writhe in sorrow.

But from this, too, comes ambition,

For my last day could be tomorrow.

Be fearful of death,

On that day you'll lose it all.

But if this means nothing's left,

Then why should I be appalled?

Be like everyone else,

They've put it to the test.

But I prefer my own story.

What good book is like the rest?

So many ideas,

They'll never come to light.

But I'll take it day by day,

I heard Vienna waits in the night.

I'll say one last thing:

Your troubles are not done yet.

I'll say something too,

Something you'll never forget:

To rise from Mind's Grave

Is no more than a rebuttal.

To rise from Mind's Grave

Is to escape all trouble.