• Joseph Burey

Little Women (2019) Analysis

Greta Gerwig's 2019 film, "Little Women," illustrates the challenges women face while navigating a society that makes them feel "little." Since, for the 19th century woman, marriage is deemed more important than committing to talents and interests, it becomes difficult for women not to allow societal expectations and stereotypes to limit their dreams. Women are sometimes forced to live despite their nature to survive in a world where they are not meant to live doing what they desire. So often, and contrary to society's view, what women desire is not only love or only any other singular thing. Gerwig makes the point that women are multifaceted and have complex interests and desires, far from being unidimensional with a desire only for marriage. These complex desires and interests manifest uniquely in every woman. Therefore, rather than neglecting these unique experiences, their stories should be told. Sometimes, it is by giving credence to these stories in writing and in art, that their importance is conferred, making them not-so-little anymore.